Mavis is a remarkable lady. She is 97 plays the guitar and piano, sings and tells jokes. All which she did for us during the installation.

After testing the Care-Cameras for 3 weeks we popped back to install a 4th camera and find out how she was getting on. ‘I think the cameras are great, wonderful. I feel more confident and secure, I would recommend it to other people. It has brought my family closer together. They can see me and know the best times to call, when I am on my own and am sitting in my chair by the phone. We have breakfast together and we pray together. My family who are far away in Germany, Ireland and Yorkshire feel more connected.’



Pamela had experienced a couple of minor falls.  A pendant was used but it often went off by accident sending the family into panic.  It was so reassuring for the family to 'check in' any time of day or night and ensure all was well.  'We consulted with the carers, doctors and nurses before installing the Care-Cameras and they all thought it was a wonderful idea'.



Jean - Bounds Green, London

'Thank you so much for the care you have shown my mum whilst installing the cameras.  She feels so safe knowing that we can see her and that she is okay.  Very fast and efficient service'.


Joan - Munich, Germany

'The set up of the Care-Cameras has enabled me to 'pop' in to see mum at any time, reassuring myself that she is okay.  A great idea'.


Trica - Bexley, Kent

'The team were great and got on really well with my mum.  The Care-Cameras have been wonderful, giving both mum and my family peace of mind.  I have even been able to look in on her from China! Thank you so much'.


Paul - Northamptonshire

'Living over a hundred miles away from mum, it's reassuring to know that she's now just a click away'


Maureen - Halifax, Yorkshire

'This is really amazing to see mum, "safe, happy and protected". To say a prayer together at night, wonderful.'


Gerry - Stoke Newington, London

'There was no mess or fuss - a thoughtful and professional team. The Care-Cameras have made a positive difference to my mum and my family.  £1 per day for some peace of mind it's affordable - priceless'.


Christopher - Sandhurst

'Reassuring for the whole family.'


Marie - Ashford, Middlesex

'Seeing mum from a distance being able to check she is safe and well makes me feel good.  Thumbs up and thank you for all you have done for my mum'.


Adrienne - Enfield, Middlesex

'My dad lives on his own and he is not at the stage where I need to check every day.  However we made the decision to install the cameras before an emergency occurred.

My dad goes to bed early.  The other day he rang, we had a chat and he said he would ring back later.  At 9.00 pm I realised he hadn't called so I checked the cameras and found he had gone to bed.  If I hadn't had the cameras installed I would have had to go round and although I have keys I may well have woken him up and given him a shock.

Also a friend took him out the other day and I wasn't sure if he was back.  I checked the cameras and realised he wasn't home yet.  Again I would have checked if there was no answer at home, and was able to go round later.

Shortly he is due an operation and his grandchildren will be able to check too.  We will all be able to check at allotted times.  He wants to stay in his own home.  He has stayed for a short time in a residential home, convalescing after a heart operation and hated it.  He discharged himself early!

The cameras help him stay in his home where he wants to be.  It also helps us by reassuring us he is okay.'